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Annual subscriptions are currently set at $30.00 per person per year. They are due by the 31st March each year.

Those members who do not use email are asked to contribute stamped, addressed envelopes to cover the mailing of notices and newsletters.

You can pay your $30 per person through internet banking: 

U3A Nelson  03 0703 0385648 00 

Please ensure you include your surname and initials on the transfer.  Or send a cheque, including your name(s) to The Treasurer, U3A Nelson, PO Box 1690, Nelson 7040

Member's annual subscriptions are required for stationery, the maintenance of the website, the data base, hire of rooms for general meetings, some entertaining expenses (e.g. thank you tokens for speakers), and other minor sundry expenses.

Members carry their own costs, e.g. transport or any costs occurred during the course of an activity. Most contribute to the morning or afternoon teas consumed at the group meetings. It is up to the group to decide on what support is required for the regular running of the group.