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All activities are planned by the members who act as planners, convenors, presenters and/or hosts for study groups.

There are no mandatory activities. However members are expected to participate in at least one study group. Members are also encouraged to attend the open meetings held at the Nelson Golf Club in Tahunanui each second month.

All members are encouraged to take a turn at generating, convening, and/or hosting group(s). 

Groups function in a variety of ways. Most operate through each member taking a turn to research and present their findings to the other members. Some groups have a facilitator who has the skills and knowledge to teach a specific subject. Other groups learn together using the available resources. There are variations to this but all members are strongly encouraged to contribute what they can towards the learning within the group. 

New groups and vacancies within existing groups are published in the bi-monthly newsletters and all groups are listed on the study group page  (Newsletters)

The Committee is elected each year. Committee members meet once every two months and have the responsibility of organising the general meetings, managing finances and ensuring that members are kept well informed about the activities of the organisation. Each Committee member has a specific area of responsibility. (Contacts)

The Committee publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and members are encouraged to contribute information about their U3A Nelson activities for the newsletter. 

Groups usually meet in member's home. This may limit the numbers who can attend. If there is a cost to hiring facilities, the costs are met by the members. If more members wish to join a popular group than can be accommodated, the uncatered-for members are encouraged to start a second group at a different venue with a second convenor. 

Most meetings are held during daylight hours. 

A Committee member acts as Study Group Coordinator who maintains oversight of all the groups, advertises groups, and keeps a record of member participation.