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Administration of U3A Nelson is intended to be fair,  transparent and workable without compromising privacy.




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U3A Nelson Committee Roles, Responsibilities and Procedures

President U3A Nelson
Oversee the tasks of the U3A Nelson Committee.
Prepare the agenda and chair the Annual General Meeting, any Special General Meetings and Committee meetings.
Liaise with U3A Committee members over all matters concerning U3A Nelson.
Send out notice of all general and annual meetings prior to the event.
Prepare and present an annual report to the AGM.
Act as the formal representative of U3A Nelson, e.g. relating to media, liaising with the Manager, Nelson Golf Club etc.

Vice President U3A Nelson
Deputise the President, as required.
Secretary U3A Nelson
Keep minutes of all U3A Nelson Committee, AGM and Special General Meetings recording all decisions and who will do what, by when.
Distribute minutes to the Committee.
Keep records of Committee business.
Keep record of U3A Nelson Committee decisions undertaken on the internet, summarising any outcomes or decisions made and present to the next Committee Meeting.
Keep resignations received on paper.
Relay all relevant correspondence to the Committee.
Be signatory for U3A Nelson bank accounts.
Send a copy of the AGM minutes to members following the AGM.

Treasurer U3A Nelson
Collect mail, record subscriptions and distribute registrations to Membership Coordinator and other mail, as appropriate.
Receive the annual subscriptions and bank in the name of U3A Nelson.
Prepare a receipt for those members who pay directly to the Treasurer and make available to the member who requests it. Relay the receipt number to the Membership Coordinator.  
Keep track of on-line payments.
Collect money at General Meetings and deposit.
Pay all expenses as approved by the Committee.
Write up transactions in cash book or computer equivalent.
Prepare a simple financial report for each Committee meeting.
Prepare an annual financial statement of income and expenditure for the Auditor and present it to the Annual General Meeting, including any financial recommendations. Ensure it is sent out to members prior to the AGM.
Be a signatory for bank accounts.
Hold historical records of U3A Nelson finances, including cheque book, deposit book, cash book, receipt book.
Carry out the requirements for the Charities Commission each year. Submit the ‘Annual Return for a Charitable Entity’ online.

Membership Coordinator U3A Nelson
Receive and record all new registrations.
Update the membership file on the data base, including contact changes, deletions and additions.
Follow up any queries.
Follow up outstanding subscriptions.
Send an email including all details of new members to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Send the names of members to the New Member Coordinator and the Study Group Coordinator as they arrive and the President before General Meetings.
Prepare and present a brief report to Committee Meetings.
When the new member coordinator sends on information about the skills and attributes of new members, being careful not to breech privacy, enter relevant information on the data base.
Print name tags for new members.
Issue automatic email receipt for subscriptions.

New Member Coordinator U3A Nelson
Make a welcome call to all new members to ensure they have any forms or information they require. Answer any questions.
Enquire if the new member has skills and attributes they would like to share with the other members.
Keep up to date with the availability of study groups per the website and refer new members to the study group coordinator.
At the general meetings be ready to greet new members, answer questions and ensure that they feel a part of the larger group.
Prepare a name tag for each new member and distribute at General Meetings.
When there are sufficient new members (more than 8), work with the President, Study Group Coordinator and other Committee Members to organise and hold a meeting for new members.

 Study Group Coordinator U3A Nelson
Receive and respond to all members’ registrations for study groups.
Allocate members to study groups according to the following priority order.
The originator(s) of the group are in the group despite the number of groups they also attend
The date application to join the group is received by the SGC
Financial members who are not already in a group
Other applicants in order of the number of study groups the members currently attends – i.e. a member who is in two groups has priority over a member who is in three groups
In the case of two or more equal applications being received by the SGC on the same day the SGC will ask the group’s convenor to ballot.
Record all allocations and amendments on the data base.
Keep the study group list and monthly calendar on the website up to date.
Liaise with the President, the Communications Coordinator and the New Member Coordinator regarding the availability of study groups
Ensure new groups are advertised.
Maintain the study group mailing lists (keeping mailing lists synchronised with the data base).
Prepare a report for Committee Meetings outlining the numbers of study groups and any needs or significant changes in trends.
Communications Coordinator U3A Nelson
Ensure that the needs of the organisation and the directions of the Committee are well communicated to the members, to prospective members, and to the public.
Ensure the U3A Nelson pamphlets are up to date, e.g. Committee names, contact details.
Print off U3A Nelson pamphlets and distribute to libraries and other public places.
Work with the President and other relevant Committee members to prepare and distribute a bi-monthly newsletter.
Email and post (to those members who do not have email), newsletter, the agenda for annual and general meetings and other relevant information.
Publicise meetings in local newspapers.
Monitor the website, ensuring that the information is up to date, excluding study group information.

Information Services Coordinator
Monitor the website, working with the Communications Coordinator, Study Group Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and the President to ensure that the information on the website is up to date.
Ensure that the data base and website are functioning.
Provide technical advice to Committee members, particularly the Membership, New Member, Study Group and Communication Coordinators, as required.
Upgrade and improve the website and data base as required.
Liaise with the Data Base Developer and Website service providers on behalf of the Committee.
Ensure formal documents e.g. the Constitution, the Procedures Manual, are updated on the website as amended by the committee or an AGM.

Newsletter Editor    
Responsibility for publication of the newsletter.
Ensure that the activities of the organisation are reported.
Proactively encourage groups and members to participate in what goes into the newsletter, including providing photos and group news.
Edit the writings of contributors, as necessary.
Compile the newsletter, ensuring it is emailed to members and forwarded to the communications coordinator to mail to non-email users.